Rattlecage Bulls in a Box

Introducing the RATTLECAGETM
A Make-Sense Hunting Tool!

Try it once, and you won't leave home without it. Calling Elk has never been this easy! An Elk Call with a twist.

Rattle Elk like a Pro! The Rattlecage, unlike some other Elk calls is not a fad. The Rattlecage is a Hunting power tool designed by an expert Guide and Bull Rattler. With it's Deer rattle partner Bucks-N-A-BoxTM, now you can rattle in Whitetail deer and Mule deer just like the experts. In no time you will be calling Elk and Deer like a pro!

This is Rattlecage owner and expert hunting guide Jeremy Fiscus pictured with his 350 Bull Elk from 2008.

Jeremy Fiscus with 2008 Bull
Eastman's Bowhunting Journal

Jeremy was featured on the Fall 2008 cover of Eastman's Bowhunting Journal.

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Rattle in your own trophy buck or bull with Rattlecage!

Rattle in your Trophy Elk this season with the Rattlecage. Weighing in at just under one pound, you can carry this tool through any terrain! Simple enough for any skilled hunter. If you have had difficulties with other Elk Calls, you will be amazed at the difference and ease of Calling in Elk with the RattlecageTM.

Rattling up a bull is not as precise a science as bugling. If you hit up a wrong note with a bugle a bull will bolt every time. It's tough to screw up a rattling sequence because every single real sparring match in the wild sounds completely different from the next!

Rattlecage is owned by expert hunting guide Jeremy Fiscus who guides in Idaho and Wyoming. Gepford is confident that bowhunters will have ease adding rattling to their bag of tricks. "Bulls respond to rattling better than bucks do." I think it's mainly because bulls spar more than bucks. Not just during the rut, but soon after their antlers harden up. You can't go wrong with this form of an elk call.

Don't just take our word for it. Read what we have to offer and see for yourself that the RattlecageTM will bring you a higher success this hunting season!

Rattlecage is Deer and Elk Rattling Made Easy! Order yours now!

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